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Service Partners

We are in good company with the following local businesses:

Category Name Contact
Baking Cakes ETC 250.360.2390 (Contact: Deb)
Baking Ooh La La Cupcakes
(More locations at website)
619 Broughton Street
Victoria BC
Beverage Hoyne Brewing Co. 250.590.5758
101-2740 Bridge Street
Victoria BC
Beverage Lighthouse Brewery
Beverage Phillips Brewing Company 250.380.1912
2010 Government Street
Victoria BC
Decorations Decor 'n More 250.652.7639 (Contact: Connie)
Decorations Decorate Victoria with Huff & Puff 250.382.4833 (Contact: Sandy Long)
Decorations Tie the Knot 250.479.1200
98 High Street
Victoria BC
Music (DJ) Alexander's Music Service 250.658.4452 / tf 866.658.4452 (Contact Alexander & Trudy Tamas)

Floral Poppies The Island Florist 250.383.0743 / tf 800.836.9666 (Contact: Mary Jane Posno)
744 Yates Street
Victoria BC
Floral Ramsey & Ramsey Floral Merchants 250.595.8919 (Contact: Susan Ramsey)

2000 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria BC
Photography The Best Men Wedding Photography
Photography Quinton Gordon Photography
Tents Titanium Tents 250.478.2440 / tf 866.391.TENT (Contact: Curtis Price)
Venue Alix Goolden Performance Hall 250.386.5311

907 Pandora Avenue
Victoria BC
Venue Cedar Hill Recreation Center 250.595.7121
3220 Cedar Hill Road
Victoria BC
Venue James Bay Community Center 250.389.1470
140 Oswego Street
Victoria BC
Venue Glendale Gardens 250.479.6162 (Contact: Jane)
505 Quayle Road
Victoria BC
Venue Goward House 250.477.4401
2495 Arbutus Road
Victoria BC
Venue Greater Victoria Art Gallery 250.384.4101
1040 Moss Street
Victoria BC
Venue Mary Winspear Center 250.656.0275
2243 Beacon Avenue
Victoria BC
Venue Lady of Fatima Hall 250.658.1587
4635 Elk Lake Drive
Victoria BC
Venue Pearkes Arena 250.388.6664
3100 Tillicum Road
Mill Bay BC
Venue Pine Lodge Farm 250.743.4083

3191 Mutter Rd.
Mill Bay BC
Venue St Ann's Academy 250.953.8828
835 Humboldt Street
Victoria BC
Venue The Center of the Universe
Venue The Villa Marco Polo Inn 877.601.1524 (Contact: Liam Morton)
1524 Shasta Place
Victoria BC
Venue Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse 250.544.4824 (Contact: Alix Baldwin)
2487 Mount St. Michael Road
Victoria BC
Venue Starling Lane Winery 250.881-7422 / 250.479.4769 (Contact: Jackie)
5271 Old West Saanich Road
Victoria BC
Venue White Eagle Hall 250.382.5741
90 Dock Street
Victoria BC
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Jo-Anne Silverman
Camosun College Foundation
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