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At Food For Thought Catering we have always upheld the highest standards of health and safety. Since Covid-19 we have become hyper-vigilant and implemented new measures to keep our staff and clients safe during these unprecedented times. 



  • Training on heightened food safety protocols 

  • Staff undergo temperature checks on entering and leaving our facility

  • Provision of gloves and face masks to all employees to be worn throughout each shift 

  • Provision of hand sanitizer to all employees

  • Staggering shifts and keeping workers a minimum of 2 meters apart 

  • Frequent cleaning of utensils and kitchen surfaces throughout each shift 

  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing of the facility, bathrooms, common touch points and equipment daily 

  • Signage reinforcing frequent hand-washing and good respiratory hygiene 

  • All menu items are to be individually packaged and labelled  




  • Training on heightened food safety protocols

  • Provision of sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves and tissues in all company vehicles

  • Prior to entering a company vehicle, drivers will use sanitary wipes to disinfect all high touch points associated with the delivery vehicle including exterior and interior door handles, steering wheels and gear shifts 

  • Upon arrival, delivery and service team members will wear gloves and face masks during the unloading process. 

  • Contactless delivery on Fridays  

  • Dietary restrictions will be accommodated upon request

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